Rounding Off Activities

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6 thoughts on “Maths

  1. I think this page helps different people to understand how maths works. I think the 2nd game on this page is my favourite!

  2. Hi mrs weston i think this page is good for maths because it helped me learn more about maths and it was AWESOME!!! the money game was awesome and fun they are both AWESOME!!!!!!!
    see yay mrs weston 🙂 😉 :p

  3. Hi Mrs Weston I think the ”Can you be a mathionaire” helped a lot for me because they were multiple choice questions and also for the Other game helped because you could see the digit you were rounding.

    From Luke

  4. Hi Mrs. Weston,
    The games were very fun and I learnt a lot and I liked rounding and winning a million dollars. The email was very good too!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I loved this game because it helps with my understanding of rounding and I liked the ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ because it had multiple choice and the other game was fun because it made you think more about the digit.

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