Term 4 – Democracy

Term Four 2013

Civics and Citizenship – ‘Who’s on the Moon’

Task: Follow the instructions to complete the Australian flag.

After reading all the definitions for Democracy, write a definition of your own.

Post your definition at the bottom of this page.

20 thoughts on “Term 4 – Democracy

  1. Hello Mrs Weston
    This is my definition of democracy.
    Democracy is the government of the people controlled by the people and made for the people.

  2. Democracy is a political system of voting for the Goverment.
    In democratic Australia, all adults have to vote for who they think should lead them. But in some other democratic, countries that is different. That’s democracy!

  3. Democracy

    The word ‘Democracy’ means that all people have a right to vote for goverment. Democracy is goverment of the people by the people for the people. Everyone has an equal say in voting for their country.

  4. I think in democracy everyone should have a say in what they want. Everyone should be free dEMOCRACY IS A democracy is a charming form of goverment everyone should have equal rights.

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