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8 thoughts on “LOTE DAY 2013

  1. Hi Mrs Weston, despite the awful picture of me at the end of the short Lote Day video, I had a great time and it was a GREAT day! (It was just like Inez was putting rice in my mouth herself!) What an awful end of the video!! Well… for me I guess!

    • Thanks for your post Imogen. You know when teachers are trying to get images of a great day as quickly as possible, sometimes these little ‘awful’ slip-ups happen. Your image shows me that you really enjoyed the fried rice! Miss Soding’s idea of sitting outside was really good because friends got to share special time together and talk about the wonderful experiences of LOTE day. If you like, we can talk about the slide show at school. See you soon!

  2. Hi Mrs. Weston,
    That was a great video capturing how much fun we had.
    All those lanterns look so cool, and were very interesting to make!

    • THanks for your post Paris. I agree, it was a great day and the lanterns all looked fantastic! What was your favourite part of LOTE Day?

  3. Hi Mrs Weston,

    I thought that the video was amazing the only thing I thought was bad was me!!! I thought I looked like a clown! But I thought that Chinese day was best! My favourite part was eating FRIED RICE!!! It was so yum..


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